Khamis, 6 Disember 2012


I do not know
husband will come next week to take us away from the village....
hate to think of any work
especially the administration really could not use
do not use the brain came late pon want to complain
range wretched!!!

see your face I hate ponnnn
benci sgt tauuuuu

I was very aggrieved
when you traduce me
hawk story chapter I
Who are you????
do not want to nose into so is
You should be grateful because I did not revenge
but thought too old co
then I put
macammmmm hampehhhhh!!!!

work must be fun if I did not pound like now
I deliberately made ​​the story in English
so that people do not really understand what I was membebellll
membebel dalam bi lagi bagus
sekurangnya dia tak tahu

I was homesick husband babehhh
very homesick beloved husband
tak sabar jumpa husband minggu depannn

do remember forever we will be on
At any time, we will be under even
live this law of karma
you know the KARMA???

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