Khamis, 6 Disember 2012


already in 2 days ..
I do not get the message of the husband
I change the hp but it still does not get the message
only incoming and outgoing calls only can be ..
bored taste ..

but the funny thing is I can turn the message of others
hampehh sorts ja celcom line
serabut my kepala otak tak dapat msg ngn hubby
very inconvenient!!
wat spoil mood ajooo..
want to update the blog no mood
lagi lagi lagi malas
Now update the blog without pictures because lazy upload
tak tau pasai pa..
NOT asked yeahhh

fast time passes
lazy feeling like to go to work
ill man facing

ohh god
Give me the strength
I want to live happily
tired it's like when people insults

I hope strong and not feel sad anymore
for the sake of her beloved husband and daughter loved
take courage this

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